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Buffalo hump - informations and treatments

Around the seventh cervical vertebra at the base of the neck forms a swelling which is called buffalo hump. It is a fatty deposits. Do not confuse buffalo hump (fatty deposits) and kyphosis (curvature or deformity of the spine reinforced).

The excess fat (buffalo hump) may occur from a hormonal disorder but can appear gradually after menopause in women.
Obviously, this buffalo hump is not very aesthetic.

It is sometimes difficult for women to wear a dress or the back of the neck can be exposed and appear to leave the buffalo hump.

The buffalo hump is harmful to the head, arms and back due to energy blockages that cause.

If it is a simple mass of fat and non-vertebral deformity, Larive Health Clinic uses a unique and specific manual to deal appropriately and swiftly buffalo hump and gets rid of the bump cumbersome rather than aesthetic treatments in one to three manuals only without surgery or liposuction.

Following treatment manual specific to humps made clinically, it is recommended to apply compresses antiinflammatory suggested clinically for a few days, which will substantially reduce the inflammation that causes pain. The buffalo hump can be very sensitive and bring the pain. So, these excellent pads will bring a great relief to pain caused by the buffalo hump.

Most of the time, was within three weeks, the buffalo hump is a thing of the past.

Obviously, following the disappearance of the buffalo hump, the ladies are delighted and they can wear any clothing or back of the neck is exposed without any problem and without fear that someone might see this buffalo hump cumbersome . It's a real relief for these ladies.

After disappearance of the buffalo hump, energy flows best which avoids other problems without forgetting that the aesthetics of the neck is much improved.

Many people who do not believe in the disappearance of buffalo hump have the will to face the facts, because they did more.

Many women and many men also have used the manual method has unique and specific to the humps has used Larive Health Clinic. These people no longer have a buffalo hump and they are very satisfied.

- Real Case -


A woman coming to grips with a buffalo hump had made an appointment at the Health Clinic Larive him after someone else has mentioned this manual method effective specific humps. This lady did not absolutely believe that this bulge could disappear because she had received care elsewhere but without obtaining the desired result. So I proposed the treatment manual available at the clinic. She was very skeptical but agreed because his desire to make this disappear buffalo hump was well entrenched in it. The treatment was then applied, and his great surprise, the painter had already halved immediately after the first treatment. Between the first and second treatment was applied one week later, this lady has applied compresses excellent anti-inflammatory to every day. This compresses the suggested clinic has greatly helped reduce the pain caused by his buffalo hump. These bumps may become very sensitive and cause pain. When the lady returned to the application of the second treatment, his hump was almost entirely disappeared. Another manual care was enough to finish the job correctly and completely melt down his buffalo hump. She therefore went from skeptic convinced of the effectiveness of this excellent manual method specific humps Applied Health Clinic Larive. It is now very happy not to have this buffalo hump cumbersome and sometimes quite painful. The aesthetics of his neck is also much improved thanks to the application of this method has the exclusive Larive Health Clinic.

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