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Norman F. A police investigator, was suffering from pain inter-costal recent months. His pain went back and reverberated to the ribs in the front chest. Given his age, Norman thought he had heart problems and was worried. After a battery of medical tests, it proved that his heart was fine. The experts met did not solve his problem. Every morning, Norman rose with persistent pain in the ribs before, especially in the chest on the side gauche.Normand F. took an appointment at the Clinic or Health Larive correct manual handling appropriate to its problem of intercostal pain was applied and, to his delight, the day after treatment, he phoned to say he felt almost over pain. Another treatment was enough to Norman for that got rid of his problem of inter-costal pain that has long been harassed. What a relief for him. It no longer has anxiety about this painful issue, passes better nights sleep and quality of life is greatly improved. Following the excellent results he has achieved for its problem is intercostal pain Larive Health Clinic, Norman did not hesitate to refer his knowledge and his friends.


The inter-costal pain will spring back at where there is congestion (poor circulation of energy and often also the presence of inflammation and strong muscle contractions) and follow the path of nerves along the ribs back and visit very often over the ribs in the chest before. People struggling with inter-costal pain have the feeling of being compressed or tight, sometimes with difficulty digesting. When body movements, the pain is also felt. Some people tend to think they have heart problems when they feel pain in the left chest, which can cause some anxiety to these intercostal pain. Medical examinations often show that the heart is fine, but yet the pain persisted. The pain will not be located as the left side but can also be felt on the right side.


The pain is similar to the intercostal neuro musculoskeletal problems.


The intercostal pain can be caused by awkward movements, sudden movements and falls.


This may include intercostal pain if:


- We have difficulty and pain to breathe normally.
- If the sensitivity has to rely on our ratings with the fingers or hands.
- If we feel the pain along our coast often far forward under the pectorals.
- If there is a limitation of the movement when we turn up the body to the left or right in feeling the pain.


Some causes:


- Bad mattress.
- Forcing being incorrectly positioned.
- Sit back poorly supported.
- Falling on the back.
- False movement.



- Good mattress.
- Well positioned to force.
- Sit, have your back supported.


At the Health Clinic Larive, a manual method to remove specific intercostal pain is successfully applied to remedy the pain. Some care is required only to end the pain inter-costales.L effect of easing pain is often the first soin.L immediate application compresses anti-inflammatory drugs on the spine for a few days will help eliminate the pain by inflammation. Many people have so far have received the application of this manual method effective fast-acting pain relief was intercostal. These people who were suffering intercostal pain were very satisfied with the results they obtained at the Health Clinic Larive. As they were satisfied with the results they have achieved for their pain problem inter-costal, these people do not hesitate to refer back to other Physical Problems.


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